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Why Choose Inogen? Exploring the Benefits of Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Claim Your Independence with an Inogen POC?

Inogen is renowned for its innovation in providing top-quality portable oxygen concentrators that promise freedom, mobility, and independence for those requiring oxygen therapy. As professional clinicians at Recharge Respiratory, we understand the importance of selecting the right oxygen therapy equipment.

Unmatched Portability and Convenience

Compact Design for Easy Mobility

Inogen concentrators are designed with the user’s lifestyle in mind. These devices are notably compact and lightweight, making it easier than ever for users to carry them wherever they go. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or a flight across the country (yes, these POCs are TSA approved), Inogen makes it possible to keep your essential oxygen therapy uninterrupted.

Long Battery Life

Inogen concentrators come with long-lasting batteries that provide the freedom to be out and about without constant worry about recharging. DC power adapter can charge your device while you use it! This is particularly beneficial for active users who enjoy spending time outdoors and do not want their lifestyle limited by their oxygen needs. Inogen POC’s are enabled with Bluetooth technology that allows you piece of mind alerts for battery life & duration.

Advanced Oxygen Delivery Technology

Smart Delivery Technology

Inogen's innovative pulse dose technology ensures efficient oxygen delivery tailored to your breathing rate. This smart technology adapts to your breath rate, increasing oxygen delivery during physical activity and decreasing at rest, maximizing the efficiency of oxygen usage and extending battery life.

Dependable and Clinically Approved

Reliable Performance with Clinical Backing

Inogen products are not only user-friendly but also clinically proven to provide necessary oxygen therapy safely and effectively. Their reliability and high-performance standards mean fewer worries about equipment failure or insufficient oxygen supply.

Choose Inogen with Recharge Respiratory

Choosing Inogen means opting for a lifestyle defined by freedom, reliability, and innovation. As trusted clinicians, we recommend Inogen for anyone seeking a dependable and efficient portable oxygen solution. Explore our selection of Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrators today and breathe easier knowing you’re supported by the best in the business.