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Better Night's Rest CPAP Care Box
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Better Night's Rest CPAP Care Box

Recharge Respiratory
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This CPAP care box is for savvy CPAP users who know the importance of keeping their clean and bacteria-free! Every 6 months, you'll receive a replacement mask, cushion, filters, tubing, and wipes to help ensure you're always using fresh, clean equipment.

What's in the box?

Includes all Good Night's Rest items:

  • One mask (including cushion)
  • One 72pk of wipes
  • One 2pk of filters


  • One additional cushion
  • One ClimateLineAir tube

Did you know?

For your health and the health of your CPAP machine, manufacturers recommend wiping your machine daily, and replacing:

  • your mask every 6 months
  • your tubing every 6 months
  • your tub every 6 months
  • your cushion every 3 months
  • your filter every 1-3 months 

    Psst! Many insurance providers cover some or all of the purchase price of CPAP machines and accessories. Don't forget to save your receipt and ask your provider!