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HumidAir Tub

HumidAir Tub

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The ResMed HumidAir Tub is a key component of ResMed's humidification system designed to enhance comfort and therapy effectiveness for individuals using CPAP or bilevel therapy.

This heated humidification tub attaches seamlessly to ResMed CPAP machines, providing adjustable levels of moisture to the air delivered during therapy. By maintaining optimal humidity levels, the HumidAir Tub helps prevent common issues such as dryness, congestion, and irritation in the nasal passages and throat, promoting a more comfortable and soothing therapy experience. Its user-friendly design allows for easy filling and cleaning, while the integrated sensors ensure precise humidity control throughout the night.

With the ResMed HumidAir Tub, users can enjoy improved comfort and compliance with CPAP therapy, leading to better sleep quality and overall well-being for individuals with sleep apnea or other respiratory conditions.