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Kit Rove 6

Inogen Column Kit (G5/Rove 6™)

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The Inogen® Rove 6™ or Inogen One G5® is equipped with removable metal columns, providing a convenient self-service option. Sold and utilized as a pair, these columns house sieve beds responsible for converting air with lower oxygen concentration to a high oxygen concentration. Over time, these sieve beds naturally wear down through extended use.

The “replace columns” alarm will alert you when the (sieve) columns need to be changed, typically once a year. In certain operating conditions, earlier replacement may be required.

The Inogen® Rove 6™ or Inogen One G5® will let you know when it is time for replacement.

Step-by-step instructions enable you to switch out the column pair without tools – without having to send the Inogen® system in for repair.